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IFuji‘s programmable logic controller MICREX-SX SPH series


Programming support tools: Expert (D300win)


Complete conformity to IEC 61131-3 International Standard
D300win supports five types of program representations completely conforming to the IEC 61131-3 International Standard. It allows the programmer to code the combination of program representations best suited for the control target.

Supported representations

Realizes High-Speed Advanced Machine Control

I/O control with a program capacity of up to 256K steps and up to 655,36 points enables suitable system configuration ranging from small through to large scale. 1ms program scan and I/O refresh are possible. Function and performance distribution are possible in multi-CPU system configuration with up to 8 CPUs.

Open Network Oriented

Both the hardware and software conform to the IEC 61131 international standard for programmable controllers.
Compatible with Ethernet, LonWorks, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, AS-i, and other diverse open networks.

Realizes Integrated Programming Support

Provides an environment in which each support tool can be launched by simply clicking on a device in a network structure diagram or system configuration diagram on a PC.?
Allows setup of parameters of inverter and servo via SPH and enables remote data monitor operation, thereby eliminating troublesome wiring changes.

Integrated control, information, and communication

With the aid of an upgraded data processing function, mass memory storage, and a built-in Ethernet function, the SPH is capable of monitoring the operation of production systems and devices and recording operation history and errors in addition to conventional FA control, enabling you to use the controller for wider applications of IT-based remote monitoring, maintenance support, and preventive maintenance.?
CPU and power supply redundancy can also be achieved in response to the growing demand for higher reliability.

IFuji‘s programmable logic controller MICREX-SX SPM series

IFuji‘s programmable logic controller MICREX-SX SPE

Specification         length    width   height  mm
20 basic unit            80       90      81   
20 basic unit NW0P20□-□ input DI 12/output DO 8 / total 20points AC100-220V,DC24V relay ouput、sink output、source output
30 basic unit           110       90      81
30 basic unit NW0P30□-□ input DI 16/output DO 14 expansion 5 units /330点 AC100-220V,DC24V relay ouput、sink output、source output
40 basic unit           140       90      81

40 basic unit NW0P40□-□ input DI 24/output DO 16点 5 units /340点 AC100-220V,DC24V relay ouput、sink output、source output calendar.year.month. day .hour. minute. second. weekly

60 basic unit           180       90      81
60 basic unit NW0P60□-□ input DI 36/output DO 24点 5 units /360点 AC100-220V,DC24V relay ouput、sink output、source output calendar.year.month. day .hour. minute. second. weekly
16 expansions unit       64       90      81
16 expansion unit NW0E16□-3 input DI 8/output DO 8点 relay ouput、sink output、source output
32 expansions unit      110       90      81
16 expansion unit NW0E16X input DI 16点
60 expansions unit      180       90      81
16 expansion unit NW0E16□-0 input DO 16 relay ouput、sink output、source output
20、30 points basic unit 4Ksteps 32 expansion unit NW0E32□-3 input DI 16/output DO 16点 relay ouput、sink output、source output

40、60 points basic unit 4Ksteps

60 expansion unit NW0E60R-3 input DI 36/output DO 24点 AC100-220V relay ouput、sink output、source output
certificate of the system 
CE、UL、cUL、LR、NK 、IEC61131 Programmer
4ch analog input expansion units NW0AX04-MR multi range input AI 4ch

RS232、RS485 communication functions,can be communicationed easyly between CPUs

4ch analog output expansion units NW0AY04-MR multi range output AO 4ch
internal high speed counter:
1、 single-phase pulse input operation 100kHz. 2CH.unsigned 16 bit
2、 two-phase pulse input operation 50kHz 1CH.signed 32 bit
interal 2 ch  high speed pulse output fuction  100kHz .two axis application
analog input /output expansion units W0AW03-MR multi range input AI 2/output AO 1ch


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